Note:- You will most likely need Hashpack wallet in order to get a potential airdrop because you will need to interact with Hedera Network. Hashpad official token is live, and we are currently in the testnet of the launchpad.

In the mean time stack up points with your activities on our platform. Once claiming is live you will be able to claim your tokens. More points more tokens to claim.

  • Sign a one time 22h platform fees

    Click on the Connect button and complete the one-time signing process which incurs a 22 HBAR fee.

  • Participate in a Presale

    Participate in any presale to have your wallet whitelisted.

  • Provide Hbar-HashPad Liquidity

    Provide liquidity to the HBAR-HASHPAD pool once trading begins.

  • Mint on NFT on the platfrom

    Mint at least one NFT on the platform to be considered.

  • Vote in Trust for a project

    Vote in trust for a project on the platform at least once.

  • Follow Twitter account and retweet pinned post

    Follow our official Twitter handle and retweet pinned post with your Hbar Address to be eligible.

  • Join Discord

    Join our community on Discord by clicking the link in our official Twitter bio. It is important to be a part of our community!.