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Create a Token

  • Maximum of 100 characters.

  • Maximum of 100 characters

  • The number of decimal places a token is divisible by. This field can never be changed.

  • Specifies the initial supply of fungible tokens to be put in circulation. The initial supply is sent to the Treasury Account.

  • Select if finite or infinite

  • The key which can perform update and delete operations on the token. The admin key has the authority to change the supply key, freeze key, pause key, wipe key, and KYC key. It can also update the treasury account of the token. If empty, the token can be perceived as immutable (not being able to be updated/deleted).

  • The key which can change the total supply of a token. This key is used to authorize token mint and burn transactions. If this is left empty, minting/burning tokens is not possible.

  • The key which has the authority to pause or unpause a token. Pausing a token prevents the token from participating in all transactions.

  • The key which can grant or revoke KYC of an account for the tokens transactions. If empty, KYC is not required, and KYC grant or revoke operations are not possible.

  • The key which can wipe the token balance of an account. If empty, wipe is not possible.

  • The key which can sign to freeze or unfreeze an account for token transactions. If empty, freezing is not possible.